Life Saver Rubber Insulating Mats for Electrical Purpose

Tycoon “Life Saver” electrical safety mat is a special grade of rubber floor mat with excellent insulating properties specially designed for use in front of switch board or high – voltage equipments. It can provide safety for operators or maintenance staff against electrical shock, and should be specified in any area where Health & Safety risk assessments show a possibility of high-voltage shock.

Multi Purpose Rubber Sheet

Neoprene Rubber Sheet (Petrol, acid & chemical resistance)

Application: Neoprene rubber sheet has good ozone and weather resistance, long immersions in water as well as direct contact with the soil. It has outstanding resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting. It can used in oils, greases, dilute minerals, salt, petrol, acid, chemicals, steam pressure and alkalies. These sheets can be used for operating lies between -20° C to +120°C.

Hyplaon Rubber Sheet (Highly ozone and weather resistant)

Application: Hyplaon rubber sheet shows strong resistance to extreme temperature. There are serviceable down to -40°C to + 60°C. Special compounds retain their flexibility down up to -40°C. It has excellent resistance to microbiological attack low permeability to moisture and other vapours. Mainly used in construction, automotive and electrical industries.

Viton Rubber Sheet (Most heat and Fluid resistant)

Application: Viton rubber sheet is most heat and fluid resistant rubber with stands high temperatures and simultaneously retains its good mechanical properties better than most other elastomers. It is resistant to hot oil and chemical at elevated temperature. Its compound remains long term elastic upto 12 times longer than other rubbers.

EPDM Rubber Sheet (Excellent heat, weather & ozone resistant)

Application: EPDM rubber sheet possesses many important properties including good resistance to temperature extremes. EPDM hydro-carbon rubber sheets are serviceable at high temperatures up to 120°C and lowest temperatures up to -40°C on continuous use. It is mainly used in auto industries railways and thermal power stations.

Rubber Insertion Sheet (Ordinary Packing)


Application : Rubber insertion sheet are used between flanges and similar joints subjected to water and low pressure. It has a thin cloth insertion between two rubber layers. Rubber used in this quality is commercial grade.

Para floating Rubber Sheet (Shipyards and Dams)

Application : Para floating rubber sheet are extensively used in ship-yards, water treatment plants, dams-river block gates and in many other similar fields. It is light weight rubber sheet. Its elastomer is made by high quality rubber.

Butyle Rubber Sheet (Excellent for Acid Resistance)

Application : Butyle rubber sheet has excellent resistance against concentrated acid and oxidizing chemicals continuously up to 50°C. It has excellent resistance properties against weather, ozone hydrolysis and wear resistance. It has outstanding resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet (Petrol, acid & chemical resistance)


Application : Chloroprene rubber sheet has good wear properties and resistance agent hydrolysis. It has resistance to oils, heat and ozone ageing up to 120°C. This Rubber Sheet possesses many important properties including good resistance to temperature.

Cork Sheet (Excellent Resistance for Transformer Oils)

Application : Rubberrised cork sheet of good quality intimately bounded with natural, synthetic, nitrile, silicon & neoprene rubber. Cork sheet could be used under strongly alkaline, acidic, transformer oil. Cork sheet are also used in automobile engines, electrical control switches and cable boxes.

Silicon Rubber Sheet (Excellent heat & high temperature resistance)

Application : Silicon rubber sheets are recommended for use at extra high temperature. These sheets have highest resistant temperature between -80°C to 250°C (-110°F to 480°F) such sheets of silicon are made from medical grade silicon rubber which compiles with USP class-VI requirement & PDA and ICFR77-2600, It resist oxidation, ozone, radiation and does not support to bacterial growth.

Synthetic Rubber Sheet (Chemical, Oil, Petrol and Acid resistance)

Application : Synthetic rubber sheet are basically oil resistant rubber sheets and are used to withstand corrosive affects of acid, oil, chemicals and petrol, on special demand synthetic rubber sheet can be made food grade by food grade compound which will be non-toxic to the food product and hence cause no reaction with the food.

Shot blasting Rubber Sheet (Blasting Resistant)

Application : Shot blasting rubber sheet are used to prevent the damage caused to the walls of the room when the shot blasting operations performed. Shot blasting sheets are used in Railways, Aeronautical Equipment, Steel Plants, Metal industries & Ordnance factories.

High Pressure Rubber Sheet (High Pressure of Air / Water)

Application : High pressure rubber sheet are used for application under extra high air pressure and water pressure such as in petrochemical industries, dams, water, treatment plants, steel and cement plants. These are also used for under machine packing and flooring.

Commercial Rubber Sheet (Ordinary Packing)

Application : Commercial rubber sheet has used for general purposes as these are cost effective and can be easily made in different designs, colours and sizes. These are used between two flanges, under machines to avoid vibration of packing and flooring.